• “Become an actor in a changing world. This is what HEC Liège has to offer you.

      Today, we are collectively involved in a globalized world that invites interculturality, language skills, and internationality. Business and economic models are being questioned and are evolving towards more social and sustainable governance ethics.

      We share our students’ expectations, which are different from the past. They are looking for the world to change and to act on it. The circular economy, SMEs, cooperatives or even a revival of the public service are shaking up the old model, and many young people are moving towards these alternatives. This requires more versatile knowledge, practices and approaches.

      Cross-disciplinarity and curiosity, combined with academic rigor, allow students to refine their openness and their critical view of the world.”


      Wilfried Niessen

      Director general and Dean at HEC Liège